A permanent job at a great place to work

All Robinwood appointments are permanent jobs with year-round employment.


Our investment in staff means we have fantastic teams and a great place to work. This in turn means we have very high levels of recommendation and re-booking for our courses.


Many of our current staff have been working at Robinwood for 8 years or more and have progressed through a series of promotions to senior instructor and manager positions, on salaries of £24,000 or more.


We operate promotion from within at Robinwood. Everyone starts as a group leader.


A job at Robinwood is great fun. The awards we hold provide independent recognition of what a great place to work Robinwood is. Most people choose a job at Robinwood because of the lifestyle and job satisfaction. It also a very worthwhile job; making a really positive difference developing children.


We place a lot of focus on staff wellbeing and work life balance. Although in the outdoor industry many jobs involve very high hours and limited time off, we offer a normal working week, with regular days off and reasonable hours worked.


Robinwood staff turnover is just under 20%.


Our staff retention levels are testament to the standards we achieve. The average level of staff turnover at Robinwood is just under 20%.


The average age of group leader team staff at Robinwood is 28.

why our staff love their jobs

It’s the combination of the buzz and fulfilment working with children, giving them an experience they will remember for many years. The Robinwood experience really helps to develop and bring out the individual strengths and qualities of children which would not necessarily be spotted in other environments and to facilitate that is a wonderful feeling and gives a huge job satisfaction.

A lifestyle choice

Work at Robinwood is very different for many other jobs and people choosing to work for Robinwood often do this as a lifestyle choice.


The staff teams include a lot of like-minded people who love working with children and working in the outdoors. A job at Robinwood includes what many people are the best bits of a teaching job; working with groups of children, but without a lot of the extra responsibility and challenges that are involved with teaching today. We have a lot of trained teachers now working at Robinwood centres and they make excellent group leaders.


A job at Robinwood involves running activity sessions that children love, which at the same time help them to develop in many different ways. This both worthwhile and very rewarding.


The fact that staff teams include people with similar interests means that there are nearly always Robinwood staff to do activities and/or socialise with outside of work, if that is what you want to do.


This can be on activities organised by Robinwood or on things independently organised by groups of staff.


Robinwood centres are closed during school holidays so we also offer a life style with the vast majority of school holidays off. It’s quite common for groups of staff to go off travelling or to take part in holidays or expeditions together over school holidays.


There are many others who just enjoy their life outside Robinwood, during the school holiday breaks from work.

Robinwood Vision

To make a really positive difference developing children.

Robinwood Values


We are enthusiastic and positive.


Through supporting each other we achieve more as a team.


We see things through the eyes of our customers and provide excellence.

Mission Statement

Robinwood Activity Centres develop children as individuals and as members of a team, with safety, enjoyment and learning as our priorities. We aim to respond to customer feedback to provide the best customer experience and to respond to staff feedback to create the best place to work.

A good work life balance

All Robinwood staff have a ‘normal working week’ with the same days off each week.


All jobs involve 6 weeks of paid holiday but as a result of working higher hours during busy operational periods, more time off is given. Groups leaders get most school holidays off amounting to at least 12 weeks off each year.

School holidays off

On a 5 day contract work group leaders work an average of 33 hours per week, over the course of a year calendar year, but typically around 40 hours a week during busy operational periods. This enable more weeks off through the year.

As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and some cleaning shifts.



Our vision at Robinwood is to make a really positive difference developing children – one of the most worthwhile things that anyone can do in a job! We hope that by listening to staff and investing in their development we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for the company.

Robinwood runs various schemes and events with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and the local community.

Support and development

Everyone who works at Robinwood starts work as a group leader, regardless of their previous experience.

As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and some catering shifts. For committed staff with the right qualities there are great career development opportunities for promotion to many positions through the company right up to manager level.


We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


Simply complete our quick contact form on the next page and one of our team will be in touch to continue our easy application process.