Robinwood teams

We operate 8 different teams at each Robinwood centre, covering different aspects of provision for staff and for customers and general centre operation.


  1. Green Team
  2. Presentation Team
  3. Team Robust
  4. SEN (Special Educational Needs) Team
  5. Social and Events Team
  6. Social Responsibility Team
  7. Training Team
  8. Wellbeing Team


When new staff start working at Robinwood, the initial focus is always on group leader training and becoming a great group leader.


Having completed around 6 months at Robinwood, staff then have the opportunity to join one of our 8 teams covering an area that interests them, to help that team make a positive difference and to gain further job satisfaction and engagement themselves through doing this work.


Teams are very active and achieve great things. Budgets are provided by Robinwood to facilitate the work that teams do and to pay for many of the events they organise. Work time is allocated for staff to work in their teams and develop things for Robinwood.

why our staff love their jobs

It’s the combination of the buzz and fulfilment working with children, giving them an experience they will remember for many years. The Robinwood experience really helps to develop and bring out the individual strengths and qualities of children which would not necessarily be spotted in other environments and to facilitate that is a wonderful feeling and gives a huge job satisfaction.

Staff consultation

We are always to consult with staff and listen to their views. We have different ways in which we do this.


Face to face consultation


Face to face discussion is always important. Alongside line manager job chats we have different meetings and which things can be discussed further with different groups of staff. These include line team meetings every couple of months, end of course meetings every three days and staff survey meetings twice a year. Specialist teams meet to discuss the particular area they cover and other groups of staff have various meetings at different times through the year.


Staff surveys


Twice a year we have a staff survey which involves every member of staff being invited to anonymously complete a questionnaire, about Robinwood’s provision for staff, through the staff website. Staff are paid £10 for completion of the survey, which is in many ways their customer report form. They have the opportunity to comment in response to different questions and give scores out of 10 for different aspects of Robinwood’s provision for staff including;

  • Activity and social events for staff
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Meals provided
  • Ongoing personal development
  • Overall Job Satisfaction
  • Social responsibility
  • Staff facilities on centre
  • Timetable
  • Workload and well-being

The centre manager responds to all the written comments, in a document published through the website.

We have survey meetings at which issues raised are discussed, which members of the leadership team attend.

We then issue commitments made for developments arising from the staff survey at each centre.


Company-Wide Development Proposals

When we have significant new plans for Robinwood we normally put these out for consultation through the staff website as a ‘CWDP’ (company-wide development proposals).

We will explain what we plan to do and the reasons why we plan to take this action. Staff can then give their feedback on proposals put forward, through the website. CWDPs are also discussed at line team meetings and plans can develop and change as a result of feedback given.



Independent surveys

Robinwood undergoes different independent assessments, which as part of the process involve staff surveys. There assessments generally take place to some degree on an annual basis and they are;

  • The Sunday Time Best Companies to Work for.
  • Investors in People
  • Investors in Customers

For Investors in People, for which we currently hold Gold Accreditation, the assessment also involves meetings by the assessor with various groups of staff.

We take careful note of the results of these assessments as part of our ongoing process to improve the operation of Robinwood, wherever we reasonably can.

Working at Robinwood

Our vision at Robinwood is to make a really positive difference developing children – one of the most worthwhile things that anyone can do in a job! We hope that by listening to staff and investing in their development we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for the company.

Robinwood runs various schemes and events with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and the local community.


Everyone who works at Robinwood starts work as a group leader, regardless of their previous experience.

As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and some catering shifts. For committed staff with the right qualities there are great career development opportunities for promotion to many positions through the company right up to manager level.


We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


Simply complete our quick contact form on the next page and one of our team will be in touch to continue our easy application process.