Who are we
looking for?

We need people with the right qualities.


Our Group Leaders at Robinwood are positive, enthusiastic and relate really well to 7-11 year old children. We are looking for more supportive, energetic team players to work at our centres.


The right people are highly focussed on the priorities of our customers, the teachers and children that visit our centres.


You will need some previous experience working with children, but this could be in a voluntary capacity.


Is this you? Then apply to attend a Robinwood selection day.


The extensive training programme we offer means that we don’t need applicants to have previous experience in climbing or canoeing or any other outdoor pursuits. If you are strong in the qualities described above and have some previous experience working (paid or voluntary) with children, you have a good chance of being appointed.


We run activities at a ‘taster session’ level and we will ensure you are fully trained and assessed in all the skills needed before you take charge of activity sessions.


Through our qualities-based approach we believe (and the teachers and children who visit Robinwood tell us) that we have the very best staff teams you could find at any activity centre.

why our staff love their jobs

It’s the combination of the buzz and fulfilment working with children, giving them an experience they will remember for many years. The Robinwood experience really helps to develop and bring out the individual strengths and qualities of children which would not necessarily be spotted in other environments and to facilitate that is a wonderful feeling and gives a huge job satisfaction.

Initial training for new starters

We provide at least 3 weeks of training, before new group leaders start work supervising and instructing groups of children at Robinwood alongside other more experienced Robinwood staff. At this stage new starters do not take full charge of an activity group, their work is supervised by a senior instructor ‘mentor’, with further training continuing on an individual basis.


At least 3 weeks of training before starting to take charge, of running some activity sessions.


We ensure that staff are assessed on all the key activity sessions and they only take charge of activity groups on their own when they have passed these assessments.


Including periods of one to one support when starting to group lead and run activity sessions, the initial training period lasts 6 weeks or more.


6 weeks or more of training and one to one support, before taking charge of a full group lead.


The training we offer continues throughout employment at Robinwood, with many opportunities available to develop skills and gain new qualifications.


Training is most intensive during your first year, which is known as the training and development year.


We don’t offer modern apprenticeships. Our belief and the feedback we have from staff, is that training provided at Robinwood provides much better development opportunities for staff.


We provide the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications and to develop your skills and experience with an award-winning company; creating great opportunities for a career with Robinwood or in the wider outdoor industry.


The starting wage on a modern apprenticeship in the outdoor industry is often £3.90 per hour. The starting wage for a training and development year at Robinwood ranges from; £8.65 to £8.95 per hour. Hourly pay in Robinwood’s Training and Development Year is more than double the modern apprenticeship rate.

Working at Robinwood

Our vision at Robinwood is to make a really positive difference developing children – one of the most worthwhile things that anyone can do in a job! We hope that by listening to staff and investing in their development we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for the company.

Robinwood runs various schemes and events with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and the local community.

Support and development

Everyone who works at Robinwood starts work as a group leader, regardless of their previous experience.

As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and some catering shifts. For committed staff with the right qualities there are great career development opportunities for promotion to many positions through the company right up to manager level.


We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


Simply complete our quick contact form on the next page and one of our team will be in touch to continue our easy application process.