Group leader team pay

All staff are allocated a normal working week. Hours may vary each day, but staff normally work the same days each week and have the same days off. We offer a choice of contracts for new starters options (subject to availability) for a 3 day or 4 day or 5 day working week.


  • Group leaders are appointed on pay of £8.75 per hour, which increases to £9.05 per hour after 1 year served.
  • Group leaders with catering assistant increment start of pay of £8.85 per hour, which increases to £9.15 per hour after 1 year served. This increment is only available on a 5 day (average 33 hpw) contract.
  • We offer a regional pay increment of 20p per hour staff working a our Barhaugh Hall Activity Centre near Alston, Cumbria.


This results in annual rates of pay as follows;

Group leaders at Dobroyd Castle or Cross Lanes

Start pay

Pay after 1 year served
Group leader on 3 day (average 22 hpw) £10,010 £10,353
Group leader on 4 day (average 30 hpw) £13,650 £14,118
Group leader on 5 day (average 33 hpw) £15,015 £15,530
Group leader & catering assistant on 5 day (average 33 hpw) £15,187 £15,701
Group leaders at Barhaugh Hall Start pay Pay after 1 year served
Group leader on 3 day (average 22 hpw) £10,238 £10,582
Group leader on 4 day (average 30 hpw) £13,962 £14,430
Group leader on 5 day (average 33 hpw) £15,358 £15,873
Group leader & catering assistant on 5 day (average 33 hpw) £15,530 £16,216

Weekend hours are paid at a 17.5% more than the normal hourly rate.


At Robinwood we are always striving for excellence in the courses that we offer to schools and we are happy to reward every member of staff for their part in achieving this. Every year all staff receive bonuses based on customer feedback and re-booking rates.


A profit bonus is also paid to all staff who have completed their first year working for Robinwood, for work completed through to the end of the calendar year with Robinwood.


This bonus is calculated by multiplying the amount the member of staff has earnt for the year (excluding any pay for their first year of work), by a quarter of the percentage profit achieved for the year up to a profit of 8%, then by half the percentage profit achieved for any profit in excess of 8%.


A profit of 10%, for example, would result in a profit bonus of 3.0% of total pay for the year (after 1st year served).


After five years working for Robinwood the level of profit bonus awarded doubles so that (taking the same example) a profit of 10%, would result in a profit bonus of 6.0% of pay for the year (after 5 years served).


Details of pay rates for Course Leaders, Senior Course Leaders, Senior Instructors and other increment payments are given on the downloadable pdf.




why our staff love their jobs

It’s the combination of the buzz and fulfilment working with children, giving them an experience they will remember for many years. The Robinwood experience really helps to develop and bring out the individual strengths and qualities of children which would not necessarily be spotted in other environments and to facilitate that is a wonderful feeling and gives a huge job satisfaction.

Health and Wellbeing


We have the health and wellbeing of our staff as a high priority.


We offer a cycle to work scheme as well as incentives for staff to walk to work – which benefits the environment as well as staff fitness! Our walk or cycle to work scheme also raises thousands of pounds for charities chosen by the staff each year.


We provide an employee assistance programme through which staff have access to telephone counselling.


At each centre we have the opportunity for ‘wellbeing consultations’ at regular intervals, with an independent counsellor who has worked with Robinwood staff for several years. She is available for one to one, face to face consultations, all paid for by Robinwood. This is one of many ideas put forward our wellbeing teams.


Wellbeing teams also organise a well being week each year with lots of health and wellbeing provision and events on offer all paid for by Robinwood.


Charitable causes


We also like to make a positive difference with local groups and charitable causes.


Every year Robinwood staff raise thousands of pounds for charity, both individually and through the company.


Centres operate an annual Open Day giving members of the public the chance to try our activities with all money raised going to charities. Over recent years our open days alone have raised more than £8,000 for charity.


Subsidised staff meals


Meals are provided for staff at the activity centre, whilst the centre is operating.


Staff can opt to pay for whichever meals they choose provided by Robinwood, or to bring their own food in.


Robinwood charges £1.00 for breakfasts, £1.20 for lunches and £1.50 for evening meals. This is deducted from wages a month in arrears. Meals provided for staff are subsidised by Robinwood, and the total budget allocated is around double the amount that staff pay for meals.


Robinwood uniform


Robinwood uniform consisting of t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, a good quality waterproof jacket, and waterproof trousers, is issued free of charge at the start of employment. A warm outdoor jacket is provided the first Autumn of employment and additional/replacement uniform is issued as required.

The complete employment package

We have additional provision for our staff team, covering a range of different areas, to provide what we believe is the best, most complete, employment package available to activity centre staff.


We provide a range of extras for our staff to ensure that they receive the best employment package available to activity centre staff.
Provision includes;


Staff socials and activity events


We really value our staff and invest a lot in making sure we have a happy and fulfilled staff team, as we realise that motivated staff will be the best at delivering really great courses to our customers.


Every year we run different social and activity events for staff, including end of season meals and many different activity days. Staff can get involved in many ongoing events and classes, such as football, yoga and fitness workshops.


Activity days organised by the Robinwood social and events team always take account of staff views, to provide the events that the staff team most want to participate in.


All activity days and events are chosen by the staff, to make sure we are providing the events that the staff team most want to participate in!


Events organised by the staff have included;

  • White Water Rafting
  • High Ropes
  • Karting
  • Coasteering
  • Dragon Boating
  • Alton Towers
  • Bingo
  • A Bird Sanctuary
  • Paintballing
  • Via Ferrata
  • Gorge Walk
  • Caving
  • The Zoo
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Curling
  • and many more…


The list of options is endless, because it’s down to the staff team to decide and people keep coming with different ideas. Groups attending these days could range in size from 8 to 80 people (and occasionally even more at Tod Centres).


They are great for team work and challenge, and sometimes for developing new skills, but always for having fun.


These activity and social events are all funded by Robinwood.

Award winning provision for our happy staff team

In the Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for every year since 2014.

Investors in people accreditation since 2000.

Accommodation assistance

Some staff starting work at Robinwood, already live fairly close to the activity centre they will be group leading at, within reasonable commuting distance and time from work.


A significant proportion of new starters move to the area to take up a job, at one of our centres and we are happy to provide assistance with this transition.


We don’t provide staff accommodation ourselves as we believe it’s much better for well-being and work life balance if staff are able to choose their own place to live rather than staying on Robinwood staff houses. Our centres are situated in areas where there is a good supply of affordable rental properties.


We have staff at each centre on the accommodation liaison team, and they will be happy to get in touch with you to discover what you are looking for and to offer assistance to help you find the best place for you.


We can often put you in touch with staff at Robinwood who wish to house share or who have rooms available to rent. We can also put you in contact with the local estate agents, who have a good relationship with staff at Robinwood.


We can discuss this with you face to face, if you would like to visit the centre before starting work, and we can show you round possible accommodation options.


A higher proportion of staff working at Barhaugh Hall need to move nearby, in order to take up a job at this centre. There are fewer centres of population near to Barhaugh Hall, although Carlisle, Penrith and Hexham are all within a reasonable commuting distance.


Taking account of the location, we offer a regional pay increment of 20p per hour for staff working at our Barhaugh Hall centre.


If you have queries about moving to near to one of our centres, please get in touch and we will give you all the assistance and advice we can.

Working at Robinwood

Our vision at Robinwood is to make a really positive difference developing children – one of the most worthwhile things that anyone can do in a job! We hope that by listening to staff and investing in their development we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for the company.

Robinwood runs various schemes and events with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and the local community.

Support and development

Everyone who works at Robinwood starts work as a group leader, regardless of their previous experience.

As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and some catering shifts. For committed staff with the right qualities there are great career development opportunities for promotion to many positions through the company right up to manager level.


We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


Simply complete our quick contact form on the next page and one of our team will be in touch to continue our easy application process.