Life as a Group Leader

Unlike many other companies operating residential activity centres, all staff at Robinwood are employed on a permanent year round contract, with a regular monthly wage.


From 2018 we are offering the following contracts for new staff (subject to availability):


  • 4 day Group Leader on an average of 30 hpw

Pay is £8.25 per hour for the first (training and development) year worked (£12,870 per year)

After 1 year at Robinwood pay increases to £8.95 per hour (£13,962 per year)


  • 5 day Group Leader / Catering Assistant on an average of 33 hpw

Pay is £8.35 per hour for the first (training and development) year worked (£14,328 per year)

After 1 year at Robinwood pay increases to £9.05 per hour (£15,529 per year)


  • 3 day Group Leader on an average of 22 hpw

Pay is £8.25 per hour for the first (training and development) year worked (£9,438 per year)

After 1 year at Robinwood pay increases to £8.95 per hour (£10,238 per year)


Weekend hours are paid at a 17.5% higher hourly rate.


Further increments are awarded to Course Leaders, Senior Course Leaders and Senior Instructors. Senior Course Leaders and Managers receive wages at a level comparable to professional positions in other organisations.


At Robinwood we are always striving for excellence in the courses that we offer to schools and we are happy to reward every member of staff for their part in achieving this. Every year all staff receive bonuses based on customer feedback and re-booking rates.


An annual company profit bonus is also paid to all staff. This is calculated by multiplying half their salary by the percentage net profit achieved by the company for that year.

Hours Worked & Time Off

Robinwood staff are employed all year round, on permanent contracts, with regular working days each week. The actual hours worked will vary throughout the year depending on how busy the centres are (the winter months are quieter) but the hours will average out over the course of the year, meaning staff receive a regular monthly salary. Staff work a maximum of 48 hours in any week.


The timetable involves some 12 hour days when group leading, but these are balanced out by shorter days at other times.

Working long days when supervising a 3 day course means that staff get additional days off over the course of the year. All group leader team staff get 6 weeks paid holiday a year but added together with additional days that result from higher hours worked on busy weeks we are able to allocate a total of 12 holiday weeks a year, which generally coincide with school holiday periods.


Staff have the opportunity to request and be given specific days off, subject to general timetable constraints.Staff can also take periods of unpaid leave to travel or do other seasonal work once they have successfully completed their probationary year, before returning to continue employment at Robinwood.

Career Benefits

A job with Robinwood not only provides high job satisfaction and a great work/life balance, but also the opportunity for real career development and progression through the company.

A New Job, A New Lifestyle

At Robinwood we hold staff well-being as a high priority so we invest a lot in making sure we have a happy and fulfilled staff team. Every year we run social and activity events for staff, paid for by the company. We provide assistance to new starters in finding accommodation. We have several teams whose job is to look into ways to improving all areas of life for staff at Robinwood.

ready for a really
positive career?

We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


We have a range of start dates each year and run selection weekends through the year to appoint staff for these start dates. We welcome applications at any time.


To apply online now, please click the button! Applications can be saved once they are underway, before being submitted.