A Career with Robinwood

The best way to really understand and deliver a Robinwood course is to deliver it first hand to children, and that is why everyone who works at Robinwood starts work as a group leader, regardless of their previous experience.


All Robinwood staff have a ‘normal working week’ with the same days off each week. A key factor behind this decision is the improvement to staff well-being. Group leaders work an average of 33 hpw (5 days), 30 hpw (4 days) or 22 hpw (3 days) with the majority of school holidays off. New staff can request which contract they prefer although which one you are allocated will depend on the availability of each type at the time at which you are appointed.


Staff still work higher hours in busy periods but the lower workload in quieter times results in the weekly average over the course of a year (shown above). As well as group leading, staff do a number of additional duties including night duties, sitework days, wake-up and bedtime shifts, and if they choose to, some catering shifts.


For committed staff with the right qualities there are opportunities for rapid promotion and good career prospects. There are also opportunities for staff to gain pay increments for additional responsibilities, e.g. the role of training assistant which involves working alongside Senior Instructors to deliver training to new group leaders.



All group leader staff take part in a induction training course lasting around 4 weeks, before they take charge of any groups of children. They will be trained to lead the vast majority of activity sessions, to assist on other two instructor sessions and to look after a group throughout their course. The course includes training in Open Canoeing, High Wire activities, Food Safety and Catering, Safeguarding and a 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.


Other nationally recognised qualifications will be offered within ongoing training, once the employment period has started.

Probationary period


The first year of a group leader’s employment is a probationary period, at the end of which staff are expected to have passed the necessary activity assessments, to have satisfactorily carried out the other duties of the group leader role and to have had positive customer feedback. Lots of support is provided to staff to help them achieve the required standard. The vast majority of staff do pass their probationary period and go on to become successful group leaders.

Positions available after promotion

Course Leader – Takes charge of small schools attending Robinwood, overseeing the operation of their course and leading whole school activities and meetings.


Senior Course Leader – Takes charge of larger schools and groups of small schools attending Robinwood, overseeing the operation of their course and leading whole school activities and meetings.


Senior Instructor – Responsibilities for delivering induction training, assisting in delivery of NGB awards and assisting on expeditions.

Broadbanding Increments – A selection of additional increments are available alongside the roles of GL, CL and SCL, such as catering, maintenance, grounds and group leader selection.


Assistant Manager – Line manager for a group of typically around 16 staff, responsible for supporting them and helping them to develop in their role with Robinwood. Takes charge of the day to day operation of the centre when timetabled as duty manager.


Centre Manager and Deputy Manager – In overall charge and second in charge of the activity centre.

Company Goals

Robinwood Activity Centres is an award-winning provider of residential multi-activity courses for Primary Schools. Over 40,000 children attend our activity centres each year.


Our purpose designed indoor provision means we can operate courses year-round. Schools come for three days and take part in a packed course of around 15 adventurous, team-building and themed problem solving activities during their stay.

Making a Positive Difference

Our vision at Robinwood is to make a really positive difference developing children – one of the most worthwhile things that anyone can do in a job! We hope that by listening to staff and investing in their development we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for the company.

Robinwood runs various schemes and events with the aim of supporting various charitable causes and the local community.

ready for a really
positive career?

We have an open-minded policy on staff appointments and our values-based selection process means that if you are a positive, enthusiastic and caring person who can really inspire the children we work with, and you would like to be part of an award-winning team, we would very much welcome an application from you!


We have a range of start dates each year and run selection weekends through the year to appoint staff for these start dates. We welcome applications at any time.


To apply online now, please click the button!