Returning to Robinwood

Since returning to Robinwood 6 weeks ago I have been asked many times why after nearly 6 years away from the company I decided to return… I suppose it’s because they let me, I must have done something right the first time around.

Working for Robinwood was always amazing, even the bad days were somehow great when I stopped to look out from the castle over the valley of Todmorden. I always enjoyed the balance of a great job and social life, which is only enhanced when you add on to that all the perks that a top 100 companies to work for includes. 12 weeks holiday, a set rota, plenty of opportunities for progression, development days and several national governing body qualifications to name a few.

Retraining was fun, although at times I did feel like a mole planted to disrupt the standard training procedure. I must admit though training was essential for me, for the most part its like riding a bike but I had a lot of questions regarding changes that had been made so I could understand the processes. Training also helped draw out a lot of the knowledge my brain had stored out of reach.

Like everyone with their first groups I had a lot of ‘that could have been better moments’, safety was always key. But I felt I forgot to input personality and fun amid the assessment stress, although the kids and my teacher had a fantastic time, nonetheless. Since my initial group lead everything seems to have slotted back into place, I received my first scores from one of my schools, glowing praise from my line manager Edd as well as members of the staff team via the staff website which I am super grateful for.

What does the future hold? Well we will see, I’m back, I’m invested fully in Robinwood, I’m adding new friends to my Facebook daily (that’s when we know its official) and I’m having a ball with the kids and teachers onsite.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Stu, Anna and Martin for giving me the opportunity to return to Robinwood and thank everyone for being so welcoming.