Robinwood Investor In Customers 2019 Award

Robinwood is proud to announce that it has once again performed exceptionally in our Investors in Customers assessment. Resulting in us again being awarded the Gold award.


This achievement is down to our wonderful staff team and as you can see detailed in the results they are doing a truly exceptional job. Thank you everyone!

(The assessment breaks our results down into 4 categories and you can see below that we have improved in every category as compared to 2018.)

83% of schools who had attended a residential with another operator said Robinwood staff were better.

Below is a breakdown of each of the questions within each of the 4 categories scored. We have improved in nearly every area since our 2018 assessment.

Robinwood is also given a ‘Net Promoter’ score as part of the assessment, which is generated by asking the question ‘How likely are you to recommend the company to others’. Robinwood received an incredible score of 96%.

This is what some of our customers answered when asked: Why did you answer that way?


  • The children and staff always have an amazing time and the comments and reactions are always so positive.
  • We have been to Robinwood for the last 11 years and it continues to impress. In my opinion it is one of the best outdoor residential places in the country.
  • It is such a fantastic experience.
  • Always superb service. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Kids have a great time. Staff are very well looked after and that is the main reason that we go back year after year.
  • The facilities are fabulous. Both staff and pupils are treated fantastically. The food is amazing!!
  • It’s an excellent experience for the children and it’s very easy to deal with them as staff
  • We love it here. Been coming for years and they are constantly making improvements.
  • I’ve been to Robinwood many times now and always been blown away by the attention to detail and ability to tailor every part of the experience to the chilldren’s (And the staff’s) needs.
  • I would like to thank Robinwood staff for all the experiences and nurture they give to our children during our stay. We feel they give our children the support and care they need to achieve in all the activities during the 3 days Thank you
  • After taking part in residential visits to 3 different outdoor centres, Robinwood rates highly. It offers great value for money with good food and friendly staff.
  • It is an enjoyable experience for all – staff included. The night staff are a great addition and the pressure is taken off school staff.