Chester Escapism Staff Trip

The first social of the year, bringing together the Maes-y-Nant’s team and testing our problem-solving skills in our teams. Are we as good as the kids at escaping?

As we got to Chester Escapism, we split into
random teams. They had different rooms to escape from, with some harder and more terrifying than others.

One room was a Roman amphitheatre, having to escape from the cells before the emperor arrived to watch them being sacrificed to the lions.
Another group had to recollect the jewels from their grandmother’s grave before the guard catches them, whilst others had to use headtorches to escape the dark cabin as unknown sounds surrounded them. The fourth room
involved Niall being taken and the rest of the team saving him from a cage!

Every room was escaped from, with the last group making it with only seconds left, as we proved our teamwork and problem-solving skills were up to scratch!