A new starter’s view of a Climbing Development Day

All staff get the opportunity to sign up for free days out participating in Climbing and Canoeing, an opportunity for a fun day out with colleagues and an opportunity to develop your skills in the activities we lead children in.

Being a new starter at Robinwood I was excited at the opportunity to attend one of the climbing development days on offer, with very limited climbing experience I found the day super fun and beneficial.

It was great to get to know some of the people I work with better and Hannah was very patient being my climbing partner and teaching me the ropes. After cramming my toes into the less than comfortable climbing shoes we were soon challenging ourselves to the various grades the wall had to offer and GG made sure we took on some of the harder routes with encouragement along the way.

I definitely had the sense of learning a new skill. The biggest achievement of the day came with getting to the top of the huge wall with shaking legs obviously due to aching muscles…