Finding a place to live

We know moving home and starting a new job can be a stressful time; and although we don’t provide accommodation, Robinwood will definitely make sure no-one is left homeless!

Here are a few ways we can help.

We can put you in touch with staff at Robinwood who wish to house share or who have rooms to rent. We can put you in contact with the local estate agents who have an excellent relationship with staff at Robinwood.

We also have an accommodation liaison team that will be more than happy to help with any accommodation queries.

To give you a better understanding here are some staff members experiences of finding accommodation.


Jane gave me some advise over email and kindly arranged some properties to view whilst I was on the new starter observation before my training started. She also gave me the contact details of estate agents in the area and explained that most staff lived in shared housing in Todmorden. From there the main places to look were online especially Rightmove. Keeping a close eye on the websites for rentals. From there we shortlisted 4/5 to view after my shadowing period.

We then decided to visit some estate agents to see what they had. We had decided both Todmorden and Bacup were areas we were interested in. Due to having two cars some properties weren’t going to work due to parking restrictions. We ended up meeting a nice estate agent who recommended a recent place he had in Bacup. We viewed the house, really liked it and went from there.

When I started working for Robinwood the biggest concern I had was how on earth am I going to organise a place to live up north when I live and work all the way down in Devon? I thought it was going to be really difficult to organise and was dreading the thought of having to do multiple 15 hour round trips to view houses and meet the people I would be living with.

This however was not the case, people in the recruitment team help put you in contact with the other people starting at the same time as you looking to move to Todmorden or Alston, or put you in contact with people already working and living nearby. There always seems to be rooms available at Robinwood houses as everyone is always very accommodating. If you’re looking to move into a house with new starters (so you’re all in the same boat) you may have to come and have a look at some houses but with social media it’s quite easy to organise and contact the other new guys you’ll be moving in with. After lots of messaging and looking at houses online we had decided on a few houses we wanted to view so we made the phone calls to organise viewings and set a date. I wanted to travel up and take a look at the houses so there was one very long day but it was worth it for my piece of mind, however if you trust the people you’re moving in with and live really far away you can leave the viewing to them and just move straight in when they’ve decided.

Getting all the paperwork sorted was pretty easy, the local estate agents know the staff that have moved into houses around Todmorden and Alston so they know what they’re dealing with and are always helpful.

Moving house can always tend to be a stressful process, especially if you’re relocating to the other end of the country, but Robinwood certainly made it less stressful and they were always there to help with the process.



A year and a half ago I moved from Nottingham to Todmorden to spend more time playing outside and making a difference on a real, face to face level. My first experience of Todmorden was pretty positive. It’s a small town but is colourful, forward thinking and, partly due to Robinwood, is used to new comers. Unlike moving to a city though, at first I did feel like figuring out where to live was a bit tricky. Spareroom.com is a good place to start but if nowhere suits you it is possible to run it dry quite quickly. Before I started training, Robinwood arranged an induction day. A few of us came to town and the some friendly Robinwood staff showed us around a few houses that were up for rent, as well as the town. It was a good way to get a flavour of the place and helped me feel less alone in my mission to move.


After the visit,  I put a post on the Facebook New Starters group asking if anyone else was moving; a group of four of us formed and we became housemates. Most houses that are up for rent are unfurnished but Todmorden and the surrounding area are very easy to pick up free or cheap furniture. Generally, we found that landlords quite liked having Robinwood house sharers because we’re reliable and have an income. My advice to anyone moving to Todmorden for the job: ask people on your intake if they’re moving too; ask Robinwood for advice on which Facebook page to post this on; go to the induction day if you can. There will be a room or a house for you, you just need to find it. Most houses are in a great location – no more than ten minutes from the top of a hill with a view.