Group Leader Interview – Dan

Name: Dan
When Started: April 2009

Position Held: Assistant Manager
Background: Outdoor Education course to gain qualifications useful in this industry, one year working at Fairthorne Manor YMCA and then Robinwood
Hobbies / Interests: Football, cricket, golf, tennis, fishing, baking, photography and cars

What centre do you work at and what’s great about where you  live?
I work at Dobroyd Castle and live in Todmorden with a friend.

Why did you choose Robinwood?
Robinwood seemed like a really professional company to work for and somewhere that I could develop myself.

How did you find the selection process?
Honestly, Scary. It was fun to take part in a variety of activities though and see all the different people that were going for the job.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Robinwood?
The holidays and when I get chance to do group leads again as I don’t so them as much anymore. It reminds me why I started here.

What was the highlight of your training?
Doing canoe training on Windermere, I already had some canoe qualifications so was fortunate enough to go and spend some time with the rest of my intake in glorious sunshine on the water..

What’s the Coolest part of your job?
Being able to have fun at work and staff days out.

What is it like working with 7-11 year olds?
So fun! The children are hilarious and it’s really nice to see them change over 3 days. It’s great when teachers get involved and have lots of fun too. You can make a really strong connection in the time that they’re here.

Describe your first group in 5 words.
Terrifying, Nerve-wracking, Challenging, Super fun.

What is your favourite session to run and why?
I enjoy running Piranha pool the most, or any of the non-technical activities actually because I get to act and add some drama to the session.

Have you been on any social events and what were they like?
I have been on lots of staff social events, its pretty impressive how often they’re put on and the quality of them. It’s really fun going to do something different with people that you might not normally hang out with.

Have you tried anything new since starting at Robinwood?
Curling and Ice Hockey! Both on staff events.

What extra training have you done since joining Robinwood and is there more you plan to do?
Management training and GNAS. I plan on doing more water based qualifications.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying?
Do it and give everything you’ve got. It’s a great place to work and if you get a place on selection then don’t leave anything behind.


I enjoy running Piranha pool the most, or any of the non-technical activities