Group Leader Interview – India

Name: India
When Started: January 2016
Background: Worked with llamas and various animals in Cumbria and studied Art at The University of Brighton
Hobbies/interests: Fell running, art and hula hooping

Why did you pick Robinwood?
I chose Robinwood because it seemed like a really positive environment in which to work. I didn’t know a great deal about the industry or working with children, but spoke to a friend who worked here and just thought it sounded really fulfilling and nice, so I applied.

How did you find the selection process?
I enjoyed the selection process. It was intense, but really enjoyable and I met some nice people. The fact it was over a 24 hour period was great because it allowed everybody to really relax and show off their different personalities and skills.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Robinwood?

The people. I have met some really awesome people since I started working here, who have become good friends. At work people are positive and always ready to help, which creates such a nice atmosphere. Outside work of work it’s really lovely to know like minded people that I can go on adventures with!

What was the highlight of your training?
Sending such a large amount of time with the people that I started with, that we have all become really close. Training was amazing because I learned so many new things, and also had a lot of fun with new friends.

What’s good about living in Todmorden?
I absolutely love living in Todmorden. I had never heard of it before I applied, but it’s actually a really cool place. Well connected to Manchester and Leeds, but also a beautiful small town with some beautiful landscape. Hebden Bridge is nearby and there’s a great art scene. Nice markets and good pubs.

What’s the coolest part of your job?
The people, the kids and the opportunities.

What’s it like working with 7-11 year olds?
I love working with the kids, it’s never dull with a new group every week. Rewarding, fun, hilarious.

Describe your first group lead in five words.
A nerve-wracking, exciting blur.

Have you tried anything new since starting Robinwood?
Loads of stuff! For starters, everything about my job is something new. Learning everything has been such a whirlwind. Outside of work, I’ve joined a fell-running club, done lots of climbing and canoeing. I went to Anglesey and tried coasteering and explored a mine!


Everything about my job is something new. Learning everything has been such a whirlwind.