Archery Wars!

Our Social Team put on staff trips and events throughout the year, from Ceilidhs to Bounce Below! The staff don’t have to pay a penny, just book on, show up and have an amazing time.

Here at Robinwood we work hard on developing among other things the children’s teamwork… Well we don’t just preach… We practice… We live it.

Here’s a glimpse of that from our Archery Tag day put on by the brilliant guys from Archery Wars.

Being Archery Instructors at work we all thought that we were going to be the next Robin Hood of Todmorden and slay all our work mates by shooting padded arrows at them. We were split into teams to make it fair and even.

Talking through game plans and getting the do’s and don’ts explained to us by the wonderful staff we were all ready for war, Archery war! Teams were facing off, while the others watched and strategized. Teams played each other in a round-robin format until there was one team left that would be crowned champions and walk away with their head held high and all the bragging rights.

Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war