Robinwood Staff Day 2016 – Total Wipeout!

On the May Bank Holiday 2016, Robinwood gathered all its instructors and their families and put on a full day of fun!

The staff at Robinwood, all look forward to the May bank holiday as we all know what approaches. In previous years we have done an Its a Knock out style day but this year, the day was based on the Total Wipeout TV program. We have had glorious sunshine for every year we’ve hosted this family fun day but this year started out a little differently as the sun had decided not to partake in the craziness of the morning’s activities.

Instead we had some clouds and a slight drizzle but that did not dampen the spirits of Tod and Alston’s staff, family and friends. We were split into smaller teams but the competition was still fierce as ever. The sweeper arm was chopping legs down as people were trying their best to jump over it as it swept round and round. The punch wall was taking no prisoners either, knocking people off as they tried to cross. The bungee run provided some great dives and some even better faces as people strained to reach the end.

After the traditional hog roast for lunch the big ball of fire in the sky came out and once again our day was filled with glorious sunshine. Into the afternoon we went to see if we could find our ultimate Wipeout champions. The obstacles standing in the way were the famous big red balls, the tricky trunks and an obstacle course with a twist. All in all, as the day concluded the sun was shining and people were smiling from ear to ear especially the navy blue team as they were crowned 2016 Wipeout Champions.


After the fun and foam of the daytime activities it was time to enjoy a night out on the town with curry and comedy. We were in for a wide range of comedy at The Frog and Bucket. The curry went down well especially with those who had put everything they had into the day’s competition and the odd drink was enjoyed too. After that everyone was left to their own devices before making their way back to the comfort of the Travelodge where the exchanging of stories could begin.