Group Leader Interview – Sarah

Name: Sarah
When Started: April 2009

Position Held: Non Technical Lead Senior Instructor
Background: Degree in Drama and Performing Studies. No previous experience in the industry.
Hobbies / Interests: Baking, Snowboarding, Shopping and Travelling

What centre do you work at and what’s great about where you live?
My position is company wide so I spend time visiting all of the centres and work out of Head Office. I live in Todmorden. The two greatest things about living here is the community spirit and being able to be as rural or urban as you like within a half an hour radius.

Why did you choose Robinwood?
I was becoming more and more fed up of staring out of a window wishing to be outside so I decided on a new challenge in a new industry and I love it.

How did you find the selection process?
I put a fair amount of pressure on myself leading up to it but once I arrived I was instantly put at ease by the host and found the process more enjoyable than other interview processes that I had experienced elsewhere.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Robinwood?
The friends I’ve made and the opportunities I have been given to challenge myself.

What’s the Coolest part of your job?
Training staff and helping them develop so that they can make a really positive difference developing children.

What is your favourite session to run and why?
Piranha Pool, it’s a session that generates a lot of laughs whilst bringing the team together in search of a common goal.

Have you been on any social events and what were they like?
Yes, I have been on many socials – I love them! They are great fun, a really good opportunity to hang out with colleagues in a non-work setting.

Have you tried anything new since starting at Robinwood?
Yes lots! I had never been in a canoe or climbed a climbing wall! Robinwood has given me the opportunity to not only try these but work towards qualifications in them.

What extra training have you done since joining Robinwood and is there more you plan to do?
I am the Health & Safety representative for the company and so that is my main focus at the moment with extra training but I have got my CWA training and plan to go in for assessment soon. I have also learnt to drive and passed my test with help from Robinwood.

What advise would you give to someone considering applying?
Don’t worry too much about experience – we will teach you the sessions if you are successful – we just want you to be yourself, we can’t teach that!


we just want you to be yourself, we can’t teach that!