Multi Activity Expedition August 2017

We set off, intrepid explorers on the hunt for adventure. Destination, Anglesey. As we arrived and met Dave and Sarah, our instructors for the weekend, excitement filled the air. Whispers about the weather and how windy it was, gave a feeling of trepidation over how rough the sea might be. It wasn’t long until the mutli-activity exped claimed it’s first victim (5 minutes to be exact), as Dan fell over in the car park on arrival and received an impressive war wound. The sea beckoned and as we got ready next to the beach, eyes wide, we could all see exactly what lay in store for us. A maelstrom, a swirling vortex of sea spray, a churning, carnage swell crashing upon the rocks. Obviously as soon as we were in the water, I had realised it wasn’t quite as bad as the images that I had just conjured up.

Coasteering was a blast. We traversed the coastline, being casually smashed against rocks, finding some rocks to jump off and finding our sea legs as it were. As we meandered our way along the cliffs, through the swell we could truly tell that we were not just viewing the magnificent coast, we were part of it. After a couple of hours we had a choice, make our way out or carry on around the headland. We decided to swim out to see what lay ahead of us and make a decision. It was then that the images came flooding back, in front of us lay the nightmare of what I previously described. For some of the group joy and for some of the group dismay as Dave made the decision that going forwards would surely lead to death. We made our way out and back to our luxury bunkhouse to get settled in and fill our rumbling stomachs. That night, we feasted heartily and worked it off with a little frisby on the beach while the sun went down.

On Day 2 we embarked on our journey to the mysterious sea cliffs at Rhoscolyn. Once on site, Dave and Pete cracked on with setting up a load of anchors on different climbs ready for a bit of top and bottom roping. The views were stunning. It wasn’t long until the day had raced past, Pete and Dave set up a tyrelean traverse above the sea, giving everybody the chance to try something a little different. Safe to say, whoever was holding the safety rope held tight when a big set was coming in, hoping to see their team mates drenched in the spray. It was a fantastic day in the sunshine, climbing and seal spotting and gave some of the people new to trad climbing a real insight.

The final day had arrived, we were coasteering again. However according to Dave, “this one is more extreme and dangerous” I think he was trying to scare us. On arrival at the sea’s edge we were greeted by a large lion’s mane jellyfish. They’re pretty stingy. Anyway we skirted around that and got on with things. This day truly was a test of everybody’s metal strength! Bigger jumps to attempt, bigger swell to swim against, bigger jellyfish attached to your face, it was such good fun. There were a few hairy moments and quite a few cuts and bruises (predominantly all over Jackson) but that did little to quell our appetite for excitement as we explored caves, learnt to backflip and on many occasions wondered to ourselves, “should I be helping that person?”

All in all a really amazing weekend had by all.