Multi Paddling Exped 2017



On Tuesday 1st August a troop of 9 set off on the 2 hour journey to Llangollen. After a fairly easy journey down, the group met Pete and Leo. They all sat down to talk about the level of expertise and what the group want to get out of the week, although looking outside, the weather was making other plans. The heavens well and truly opened. the instructors were told Robinwood staff were “hardcore” although we dont think they believed us. Our team got kitted up and headed down to the Canal to do some tandem canoeing. At this point, the sun put his hat on!  After much moving around, We travelled down the Canal in some pretty mad looking canoes; including that of the lovely Zebra which was beautifully manoeuvred by Lianne and Alec. The locals kept taking photos!




We travelled down to Trevor’s Basin and then onto the famous Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the views of which were incredible if you tried not to think about the fact that you were being held in solely by an iron girder! After an ice cream and making friends with the local dogs (for one of our group in particular), we headed off to our digs. Now Al told the group that the accommodation was “quirky” so they were all expecting to be sleeping in a Bivouac shelter with sheep as company. Boy were they mistaken! The digs were so cute and definitely “quirky” but in the best possible way.

Day 2 started bright and the team were off to do white water kayaking. After a lot of faffing about, We got ourselves on the water, half in closed deck kayaks, and the other half in cool sit on top kayaks. With the instruction “Hate the trees and love the rocks” they were off! Travelling down the River Dee, over lots of rapids was incredible!

Day 3 begin with a glum weather report that our team couldn’t go to the sea due to high winds, but headed off to Ellsmere Lake to play around with sea kayaks and SUP’s ( stand up paddle boarding) In the morning half the group went on the kayaks and half on the SUP’s. The afternoon was a little different. SUP’s amazingly enough are a lot harder than they look! Cobi, Al and Lianne made it look easy! After that our team travelled back to their digs to get warm, have some tea and get some sleep.

The teams Final day and the plan was to get back on the white water, and head along part of the River Dee which is normally untouched. The sun came out especially for the last day. Some of the group went in tandem canoes and realised how tough it was sending a canoe through white water so fair play to Nick who had done it on his own on Day 2! The group ended their final day by going under the Aqueduct making the journey a full circle.

As the group travelled back they reflected on the fantastic group of new friends they had made. Who didn’t judge when you fall off your SUP for the 600th time,  didn’t laugh when you weren’t the most amazing swimmer when you came off your kayak. Paid for ice creams, lent each other wet suits and made sure that they all looked after each other!